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Medium Duty Tent flooring & Walkways.


UltraDeck was specifically engineered to provide optimal natural grass protection during special events, such as tent events, concerts or festivals, and to minimize wear and tear.

UltraDeck provides a firm, comfortable floor for walkways, disabled access and also allows protection for the natural turf underneath.

We understand all types of natural turf “systems” and UltraDeck significantly reduces wear, surface abrasion, base compaction, and contamination of the turf as a result of attendee traffic. UltraDeck’s underside channels are contoured to eliminate sharp edges and to prevent possible damage or cutting of sensitive grass. Most importantly, our systems prevent cutting and focused point loading damage by distributing weight more effectively than other systems. There are no round pressure pads or other concentrated surfaces that can cause grass compaction.



Applications  -  Walkways -  Marquee Flooring - Stadium Flooring


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