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Trakmat temporary car parking and temporary roadway

TerraMat, Euromat & Trakmat


CapTrac Medium Duty Ground Protection Mats allow fast deployment of temporary ground protection and access, whilst providing safe movement of personnel and equipment over soft or sensitive ground.


CapTrac Ground Protection Mats are essential for the construction, civil engineering and ground work industries, and for providing temporary ground protection and access for outdoor events. Ruggedly designed for fast and effective use. No specialist tools, skills or plant required. Can either be installed by CapTrac, or by the client, which significantly reduces the overall costs.  

TerraMat, Euromat & Trakmat

Trackmat Medium duty ground protection Ground protection mats for civil engineering

**This is an example specification.  Please note that these 3 types of mat are similar but not identical.  Please ask for further details.