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Renewable Energy


With continued climate change and global warming concerns, coupled with high oil prices, and increasing government support, Solar Farms and Wind Farms are becoming increasingly popular. These are usually located on remote sites on arable ground, without the infrastructure of site roads to allow access to cranes, trucks and plant.

Cap Trac temporary trackway solutions enable you to build your site compound and access roads throughout the site. Cap Trac's plastic trackway comprise a corrugated surface to aid vehicle traction. By interconnecting panels in any combination of widths and layers, the heavy duty portable roadway system provides guaranteed access for all road going vehicles over most terrains.


Cap Trac systems improve the load capacity of the existing ground underneath, making it perfect for use as a temporary access road, lay down area or car park.  Using Cap Trac temporary trackway negates the need to lay stone/gravel roads and thus protects the environment by eliminating contamination.

Roadways for renewable energy sites Temporary Trackway for wind and renewable energy farms
Roadways for renewable energy sites