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I-Trac Heavy Duty Temporary Roadway



I-Trac Composite Heavy Duty Temporary Roadway


I-Trac is a state-of-the-art single component heavy-duty access system that features excellent turf protection and enables vehicular traffic over inhospitable or unsafe ground.   I-Trac is a composite interlocking panel system that creates a contiguous surface capable of dealing with all road-going vehicles and extreme static loadings.


I-Trac is the most flexible and highly capable temporary roadway system to be brought to the market place. Being the first non-metal system capable of taking on aluminium  competitor’s, I-Trac offers a highly cost competitive alternative to current systems. The primary commercial issue of security that is always a concern with aluminium systems is entirely eradicated with I-Trac. I-Trac is immensely valuable as a temporary roadway and nothing else. It has no cash scrap value, unlike other temporary road systems.


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