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Heavy Duty Roadway and temporary trackway for Events


Event Heavy Duty Temporary Roadway


Extra traffic often requires new and improved access to events. Cap Trac Heavy Duty Temporary Roadways allow access to site to all road going vehicles, and once delivery of equipment and goods is complete, Cap Tracs heavy duty trackway provides a safe non slip walkway for pedestrians.


Good access is essential to the success of events (particularly large scale events) not only during the build up, but also during the event itself and during event de-rig.  If ground conditions are compromised during event build up, this can lead to serious disruption during the event and spoil for experience for event goers.  Cap Trac temporary heavy duty roadways are rapidly deployed, and strong enough to be left down for days or months at a time, providing short or long term protection.



Heavy duty roadway for events Temporary heavy duty roadway for events and festivals

Products Suitable for Heavy Duty Temporary Roadway