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Temporary Trackway for equestrian shows


Equestrian Shows


Horse Trials and events often attract large crowds and, with the unpredictable British weather, it is imperative that the correct infrastructure is in place to cope with foot and vehicular traffic to ensure the event runs smoothly.


Cap Trac offer systems to meet all your applications, from pedestrian walkways, car parking solutions, tent flooring and trackway to enable heavy vehicles access to and from the site.

Cap Trac also offer the unique I-Trac system, which is able to deal with all road going vehicles, heavy plant and cranes.  I-Trac is an interlocking plastic panel system which creates a contiguous surface devoid of unwanted trip hazards and, with it's unique ability to follow the contours of the ground, I-Trac can offer a safer alternative to the more traditionally used larger 3 metre panels.


Temporary Equestrian road and trackway trackway for horses and equestrian